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Henan Aierfuke Chemicals Co., Ltd.

focus on water treatment materials research and development, production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise , was established in June 2004, located in the west industries cluste arear of Jiaozuo City. The main products are "Lvshuijie" brand polyaluminum chloride, polyferric sulfate and other water treatment materials products, which can be widely used in drinking water, domestic sewage, industrial water supply and sewage purification, papermaking and cosmetics additives, municipal wastewater treatment and recovery fileds.

Since the establishment of the company, Successively identified as "Science and technology smes of Henan Province", "Henan province science and technology small giant cultivation enterprises" "Jiaozuo water treatment materials engineering technology research center", "Henan inorganic polymer water treatment materials engineering technology research center", "Jiaozuo enterprise technology center", "Henan enterprise technology center", "Member of the Sub-Technical Committee of Water Treatment Agent, National Technical Committee for Chemical Standards", and has been awarded "Henan Province contract and credit enterprise", "Class A tax paying enterprise" “Top 50 enterprises” In addition, it has won several honorary titles such as "2014-2016 Inorganic Chemical Science and Technology Award - Technological Innovation Award",In May 2017, the company was successfully listed on the New Third Board of the National Share Transfer System for Small and Medium-sized enterprises, and became a listed enterprise on the New Third Board.


Development History

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