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Enterprise advantage

In order to adapt to the development trend of the water treatment pharmaceutical industry and the requirements of economic globalization, elfalk continues to research and develop new high-efficiency water treatment series products based on rich raw materials, existing production scale and advanced technology, so as to extend the industrial chain structure and enable the enterprise to extend horizontally and vertically. Through scientific management, internal mechanism improvement and product R & D upgrading, the company continuously improves its core competitiveness, realizes the company's great leap forward development, and makes our due contribution to the healthy world!

Quality inspection advantages

Incoming inspection of raw materials(IQC)

Supervise the admission control indicators of each batch and multi-point of all raw materials, mark the batch or serial number of raw materials, so as to facilitate the product to find the quality reasons, establish a traceability management mechanism, and ensure the stability of raw material quality.

Quality control of intermediate finished products(IPQC)

According to the production process, establish the quality control index of semi-finished products in each period, manage the batch number of each batch of reaction materials, and sample and inspect the quality of each batch of semi-finished products for 2 hours per shift to ensure that the quality implementation results of semi-finished products are within the control range, so as to ensure the quality of final finished products.

Finished product inspection(OQC)

Finished product inspection is divided into warehousing inspection and outbound finished product sampling inspection. According to the company's quality inspection system, establish the warehousing and outbound inspection standards for finished products, conduct sampling inspection for finished products according to 2 hours / time per shift, and leave the sampling samples for half a year, establish an information management system to ensure that the product quality meets the standard, and issue the inspection report of this batch.


Internal management measures

The company adheres to the production quality thought of "quality first, think first". Relying on the accumulation of more than ten years of production and technical experience in the water treatment industry, the company strengthens the professional knowledge and operation skill training of all staff; Introduce advanced production and inspection equipment, adopt TPM equipment management system, and regularly maintain and calibrate inspection and measurement equipment; Complete quality inspection means, strictly control the incoming indicators of raw materials and the quality requirements for the warehousing of process semi-finished products and finished products; Seriously treat the preparation and evaluation workflow of process documents to ensure that the processing of process documents is under control; People oriented, constantly optimize the working environment, implement the safety management responsibility system, establish an online and offline double pre control safety management system, implement the safety and environment one vote system, and create a harmonious working atmosphere of "everyone manages safety and safety for everyone" for employees.

Creative and innovative spirit

Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. The company pays attention to the introduction and cultivation of high-quality, excellent, advanced and specialized talents in the water conservancy industry, constantly introduces new management concepts, enhances core competence and competitiveness, and gradually forms a certain self owned brand advantage; The introduction of new management concepts promotes the continuous development of enterprise system and process, business strategy, subtotal and minor changes, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and adds new vitality and power to the enterprise; The company adjusts the marketing strategy according to the needs of customers. Improve marketing efficiency and continuously improve service quality; Technological innovation is the core content of enterprise innovation. Through the cumulative precipitation of production technology, a large amount of R & D funds and personnel investment, stimulate the internal driving force of enterprise innovation, and gradually form a considerable scale of free technology and intangible assets, so that the enterprise can maintain vigorous vitality and constantly break through itself.


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